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LOGIIC Program

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Linking the Oil and Gas Industry to Improve Cybersecurity (LOGIIC)

The LOGIIC program is an ongoing collaboration of oil and natural gas companies and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Science and Technology Directorate. LOGIIC undertakes collaborative research and development projects to improve the level of cybersecurity in critical systems of interest to the oil and natural gas sector. The objective is to promote the interests of the sector while maintaining impartiality, the independence of the participants, and vendor neutrality.

The Automation Federation serves as the LOGIIC host organization and has entered into agreements with the LOGIIC member companies and all other LOGIIC project participants. Member companies contribute financially and technically, provide personnel who meet regularly to define projects of common interest, and provide staff to serve on the LOGIIC Executive Committee. Current members of LOGIIC include BP, Chevron, Shell, Total, and other large oil and gas companies that operate significant global energy infrastructure. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Science and Technology Directorate has contracted with scientific research organization SRI International to provide scientific and technical guidance for LOGIIC.

Industrial control, automation, package, security, and other vendors have made LOGIIC projects possible by volunteering their time, knowledge, equipment and test environments. Subject Matter Experts make significant contribution by working with SRI International to refine the evaluation strategy, perform the system evaluations, and develop the project reports.

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 LOGIIC Projects

Correlation Project
Cyber Security Implications Of SIS Integration with Control Networks, Paper
Cyber Security Implications of SIS Integration with Control Networks, Presentation
Application Whitelisting, Presentation
Application Whitelisting, Public Report
Wireless Project, Public Report
Virtualization Project, Public Report
Remote Monitoring Project, Public Report
Real-Time Data Transfer Project Public Report

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